• Alina Utrata

    Alina Utrata

    PhD’ing in Politics and International Studies at Cambridge via Queen's University Belfast via Stanford. www.alinautrata.com

  • Annie Steenson

    Annie Steenson

    Engineer | Economist | Philanthropist

  • Jaime Fearer

    Jaime Fearer

    Planner :: Advocate :: Connector | mama | #HealthEquity #MobilityEquity | AICP+LCI | #DCStatehood | always learning | thoughts+typoos=my own | she/her חי 🖖🏼

  • Claudia Scholz

    Claudia Scholz

    Claudia Scholz is a college administrator and foster-adoption advocate.

  • Timm Kayser

    Timm Kayser

  • Grace


  • Sara Soka

    Sara Soka

    Fellow at Georgetown’s Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation researching the tech, data, and design-enabled social safety net.

  • Michelle Thong

    Michelle Thong

    Iterating towards human-centered, data-driven government. Senior Product Manager at Nava PBC. Previously: Digital Services Lead, City of San Jose.

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